Marco Mengoli

software engineer, passionate maker

Curiosity and passion

Since when I was a child, I love to solve problems.

I'm very curious to understand how things work

I really like to experiment new things and implement do-it-yourself projects

I like to learn new things and improve my skills


Software engineer


Currently I'm a Master Degree student of Computer Science Engineering at the University of Bologna

I am focused on software development, and I'm very keen on Software Engineering. I always strive to improve the quality of the products I develop as well as the overall development process.

I have no favorite language, because I strongly believe that each language has its own domain. I mostly develop my software systems in C#, C, C++, Java and Python. I have also employed Javascript, Go, Visual Basic 6.0 and ASP for a few academical projects and PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jekyll and Bootsrap when I created the websites of some private companies or associations, and of course my own website and blog.

Currently, for my Master Thesis, I have been working on both the front-end and back-end in ASP.Net Core MVC & Web API, Entity Framework Core and Bootstrap+React/Knockout.js

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Over the last years I have been an enthusiastic maker: I really love to make lots of projects with my 4 Raspberry Pi boards using Debian’s based Raspbian distribution.
I also employ an Arduino Uno, a Sparkfun ESP8266 and a UDOO quad board.

I found in electronics a new, enjoyable hobby, and I strongly believe that the Internet of Things is a market having great potential looking at the future.



An open-source shield based on Atmel AVR microcontroller

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

A low cost, credit-card sized computer, supporting Linux-based distributions



A microcontroller with an integrated WiFi module



A single board computer with Wi-fi and Quad-core CPU for Android and Linux, fully compatible with Arduino


I’m very happy to collaborate with awesome people at DICAM department (Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering) building software to create a network of remote GPS sensors -made by a Raspberry Pi, a 3G dongle and a differential GPS antenna- to remotely monitor critical areas. I also work on a software to simulate GPS constellations so as to compute the quality of satellite visibility in urban environments.


Since when I was 18, I have worked on the realization of audio and video services for concerts and public festivals, including the production of video footages on national live television for basketball matches.

An aspect which particularly satisfies me is to teach and give maths and informatics private lessons to younger students. I also took part in some public initiatives for approaching teenagers to computing.